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Scientific Drilling (SD) is a multidisciplinary journal focused on bringing the latest science and news from the scientific drilling and related programmes to the geosciences community. Scientific Drilling delivers peer-reviewed science reports from recently completed and ongoing international scientific drilling projects. The journal also includes reports on engineering developments, technical developments, workshops, progress reports, and news & updates from the community.

Copernicus Publications signed Enabling FAIR Data Commitment Statement in the Earth, Space,
and Environmental Sciences and updated data policy and author guidelines
05 Nov 2018

Data underpinning any research finding should be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) – not only for humans, but also for machines. Therefore, Copernicus Publications requests that such data are available upon publication of an article.

Update of publication policy 04 Jul 2017

The updated publication policy now is extended by the journal's open access statement, its archiving and indexing scheme, and explicit policies on corrections and retractions.

Revision of editors', referees', and authors' obligations 29 Jun 2017

The general obligations for editors, referees, and authors have been revised to give advice for the appropriate handling of literature suggestions.

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